Tuesday, January 20, 2009


To be or not to be---me or she, that is the question. Point of View, or better known as POV by authors, is one of those issues that can send an author shrieking in no time flat. What difference does it make, you asked? Why not just use the narrative I and forget about it?
Well, using I both simplifies and limits. If I is you're focus person, than every other character only gets mentioned as a direct result of interaction with...you've got it...I.
Sometimes scenes need more background, explanation, etc. And, to make the story develop, you need to add another person's thoughts. Can't do it if you're writing a first person narrative. I recently submitted a work, that did eventually make it to contract.
I tried cheating a little. I started in third person (she) and then switched to first person (I) in the body of the work, transitioning between support characters, (3rd) and main character (1st.)
I was very happy with it, not so the Acquistions Editor. So of course, given the choice between changing it or not selling, I rewrote the entire piece, using third person.
I've read skilled authors who use this mixed POV technique (guess I'm not there yet). But, whatever POV you choose to use as a writer, it defines your work from the first sentence forward.
I'm going to play around with my WIP and post scenes written both ways. Tell me which you think works better if you get a chance to blog for a bit.

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  1. Head hopping is one of my biggest problems,too. Argh!


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