Thursday, February 5, 2009

Public Social in Eclipse [the end of the world] Texas, 1878

Ambrose took me to a social last night in Eclipse but then he stood at the edge of the dance floor and glared at every man I danced with. My husband is sometimes rude in his behavior. (Huh, i lie. My husband is always rude in his behavior.)

I asked him,"Why bring me to town to a party and then be mad at me for having fun?" (He says I flirted with every man there. Maybe I did--maybe i wanted to see if Quincy still cares.)

Even the dance caller was wonderful...I'm glad I danced every dance, it wore me out. I used that excuse in the buggy on the way home. I pretended to fall asleep when Ambrose started fussing at me.


  1. I'm finding these journal entries from Lucy to be really intriguing. Great idea for introducing her to everyone.

  2. Trina and Le~ I'm using this a backstory to the novel, Intimate Strangers, coming soon from Liquid Silver Books. This isn't an excerpt, for you who follow this blog, it's more like a prequel.

    Thanks for stopping in.


  3. My current WIP is coming along better now. I was stressing it for awhile over a certain plot point which had me stopped in my tracks. But I knew that was the worst part so I am going to stop second guessing myself, keep going and then make changes when I actually have the finished piece to work with. Seems better than freezing up at the 30,000 word mark. Thanks for asking. I love having other authors to share with. :)


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