Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I met Ambrose Quince today...

May 20, 1866

Father and I met an interesting man today. His name is Ambrose Quince. We were in the bank, speaking to the Eclipse Bank President, Stephen Pauley, when Mr. Quince introduced himself. I was flattered to have the attentions of two men. I am practicing my coquetry.

Papa says he believes Mr. Quince has taken a fancy to me.

I would never marry someone from here, not even a man like Mr. Pauley who resembles the men in Boston. I want to go home. Besides, Mr. Quince is much older than I am. He must be at least 25.


  1. LOL! At least twenty-five. Good lord. That is old!!

  2. That's what I say ~ 25, oh my lord ~ way too old!


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