Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mother Earth's Bounty

Hi! Welcome to Gem’s Place. Slow down, catch your breath, relax a minute. You just came from LSB author, Alanna Coca's blogspot~

So what's with the hat? In honor of Earth Day, win a Gem Sivad hat by posting the best comment at the end of this blog. Best comment wins, well~ a hat.

Oh, and if you want a copy of Intimate Strangers click the button at the side and it will carry you to the LSB store front. You can buy it there for $6.10 and it's worth every penny.

If you loved my western romance about Ambrose and Lucy Quince, you're sure to enjoy my WIP, Wolf's Tender, the story of Charlie Wolf McCallister, who gets more than he expects when school teacher, Naomi Parker tenders her body, in a devil's bargain.

If you're just catching up with us, we started this tour at the blog of LSB author Nina Pierce.

You'll be visiting next, LSB author, Serena Shay~

Save A Tree, Buy an E-Book! It's good for Mother Earth....







  1. I can't wait for Wolf Tender. I started to buy e-books just last fall. I am trying my best to go green, but some habits are still hard to break. Love the Mother Earth's bounty pictures.

  2. Have been making more conscious choices on what to buy, asking do I really need that? Have recycled for years and now am looking at water consumption but do not have any easy solutions yet. Love all the pictures.

  3. Good morning Gem,
    I love my ebooks and when it is slow at work/school I just whip out the palm and sneek a read. I only have 2 books left I have to go do some shopping. Have a good day. :)

  4. *sigh* what more can I say? I love the hat, I'd look good wearing it at Jazz Fest this year hehehe. Really though, We try to do our part to save mother earth but I know everyone could do better.

  5. Becky, you're a reader after my heart...and Charlie Wolf's.

    Lindseye...sometimes just looking at beautiful men inspires change

    Ann Marie...haven't tried the ebook on ipod yet but what better way to keep your loved ones close.

    Debbie D...I think you have the makings of a real cowgirl.

  6. Been getting more into ebooks now.
    Getting more fanatic about what we recycle, try and be more careful about what we buy, do we really need it, etc.

  7. Gem:
    Grew up with 6 cowboys (brothers) so this cowgirl misses her horse but now rides a Triumph motorcycle and everytime I mount it I'm back on the ranch.
    love the hat :)
    debbie tsikuris

  8. Love all the eye candy. Yummy!
    In Japan, it is mandatory in most areas to divide your trash into combustible, non-combustible, recycle, pet bottles, glass bottles, etc. So its sort of part of life.

  9. I just had to say, Gem ... could Mr. Wind blow my way? He is yuuuuummmmy!

  10. Love the hat. I've never owned a cowgirl type hat! Wow, there's nothing like a sexy cowboy, you just have to overlook the manure stuck on the bottom of their boots and underneath their nails. :)

  11. I think I'm in love with "Wind"

  12. Very pretty, love water dude. I haven't read any of your stories yet,Gem, but will definitely be checking them out.

  13. JeanP-ebooks have become my read of choice, takes up space in *grin* space.

    Debbie Tsikuris- growing up with 6 cowboys sure prepared you to ride the wind.

    Tamsyn- we've only just begun to get world/environmentally conscious. We're trying.

    Nina and Alanna, you can fight over wind, Earth
    has my attention.

    Jeanne St. James- a cowgirl hat is sexy and makes a statement. Can't be shy donning western duds cause it sure does make you look fine to the fellas hanging over the fence watching.

  14. Cathy, I'm glad to hear you'll give my westerns a try. There's nothing quite like a cowboy.

  15. Hey Gem!!
    So far on the tour all I can think about is saving WATER.....I wonder why that is???

  16. Well, there have been some interesting suggestions. I particularly liked the one that Alanna offered, move over in that shower and share space under the pelting drops of ...okay, *fans self*

    Yes, water is good.

  17. Holy Cow! Mother Nature's boy is calling my name!! ~Whew~ Tanner, come see what I found...heheheWish I was playing 'cause that is one cool hat!!

  18. Oh my word ... *fanning* Wonderful pictures, Gem. Happy Earth Day! *Hugs*

  19. I need to buy more ebooks if I can help save the Water guy - Paul Walker.

  20. Oh no! I was going to ask Gem to send Mr. Earth my way... and, guess what, I'm telling Tanner... hehehe... I wonder what he'll decide... well, I'm not telin' anymore of your business here.

  21. Hey, can I get one of those wearing the hat?LOL
    Seriously though I recycle all I can and compost like crazy. We try our best not to hurt the earth anymore than we can but it is hard to do enough. Maybe in the coming years we will all do better.

  22. You know, at least we're thinking about it now. Focus on a problem usually helps it resolve itself, even if it's slow.

    In the coming years, Deb we will all do better.
    Savanna, Serena, you and I apparently have the same taste in mine...oops, Freudian slip, I mean mine.

    Stephanie, thank you. I am parial to them myself.

    And Beck, ebooks come in real handy when you need a distraction waiting for the water guy to come along *grin*.

  23. Darn that i just kept jumping back in there.

    Savanna and Serena, I mean we have the same taste in men. *Had to keep the i finger quiet while I typed that one. :D

  24. Great men Gem, as always. You find some damn fine hotties.

  25. It's all about the water! Whew I think I should have waited until I got home to look at this earth day blog tour. These pics are not for work - although it's making the afternoon oh so very nice. ;)

    Thanks for posting - if more people did even a few things to help earth would be in better shape.+

  26. But we are. We brought you closer to earth, wind, fire, and water today. *grin* We're all thinking about it and doing more than ever before.

    There's a time for all things...and Earth Day makes us focus on what's real, now. Thanks for stopping by.


  27. Love the hat Gem. They'd go great with my cowboy boots ...maybe even wear it to go to the Keith Urban concert ...get in the spirit of things :)
    Can't wait to get my hands on Wolf's Tender.
    BTW ...the bounty you found was very, very yummy.


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