Friday, June 5, 2009

Cat Nip ~ Part VI

Anyway, we glared at each other for awhile and then Clarence interrupted our staring match, shaking his head and snorting loud enough to let me know we had company coming.

The cat stood up and butted me once more with his head, just to prove he could, I guess. Then, he turned and disappeared through the brush and into the night.

John Patrick rode his horse up to the buggy and dismounted to help me. “What the hell are you doing sitting in the middle of the road?” the big bluff Irishman asked. And then as if any answer I gave him wouldn’t be worth listening to, he hauled me up and set me on the seat of my buggy.

“Myrtle sent me to see you home,” he glowered at me. Clearly he would rather not have obeyed his little wife, but there was a powerful love between them and when she told Paddy to do something, he minded her.

I shivered, still feeling the power of the cat and pretty sure it was close by watching us. It might spare me, but I doubted that Paddy would be as fortunate.

“Go on back to Myrtle, Paddy, and be sure to keep her warm. Feed her some of that soup I brought with me, nothing heavier for a while. I’ll see myself home.”

He was relieved to be free of his duty to me, and hurriedly turned his horse back to the cabin where a new son awaited. He paused only long enough to see me gather my reins and start Clarence on the journey toward my shack.


  1. Excellent post! I love how she feels him watching her from the darkness!

  2. Oh no, what's big kitty going to do now? He doesn't want to lose her.


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