Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cat Nip Post XV

It was early evening when Misery started back. Not as late, certainly as the night before, but late enough that Clarence was picking up his feet smartly, anxious to get home to his stall in the shed beside the chicken coop.

She wasn't sure when her conscious mind admitted that she was being stalked. Maybe, stalked wasn't the right word…the animal was running parallel to the trail, not bothering to keep hidden or pretend fear.

It was the jaguar from the night before. Misery didn’t look at him directly, keeping her eyes riveted between the ears of her horse. See no evil.Then he disappeared and she felt enormous relief at having avoided another meeting with the wild cat. She was soon to be disappointed.

He prowled onto their path, muscles rippling, head turned to stare at driver and horse, as they barreled down on him. The cat sat in the middle of the trail and snarled loud enough to halt Clarence in his tracks.

Having gotten their attention, the jaguar sat in the middle of the path and yawned, showing Misery his teeth that gleamed whitely in the darkening night. His eyes were amber colored, and glowing. She shivered. “What do you want?”

Misery knew that speaking to a wild animal as if he could understand, was irrational behavior. Nevertheless, that’s what she did. The cat made a chuffing sound, and dropped down on all fours, rolling to his side, inviting her, she thought, to do a follow up exam.


  1. Oh, he's so Jaguar adorable. Misery should certainly do a follow-up exam.

  2. Show's her his tummy! I love it. Follow up Misery...follow up!


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