Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cat Nip Post XVIII

He invaded my dreams that night. One minute I was in my bed, sleeping; the next moment, I was in the low foot hills surrounding Flat Rock. My night vision had improved, sounds were intensified, and I rolled newly found muscles in my shoulders.

The scent in the air teased my senses. I stretched and I flexed my fingers that had become sharp elongated claws. Testing the strength and capabilities of my new body, I crawled across the ground.

I heard the familiar chuffing sound and then he was beside me, belly crawling toward the edge of the ledge, as I was. The heat from his body scalded me and his purring, attempted to lure me from my goal.

I snarled at him, even took a swipe at his too close shoulder. It was important that I see below.

Two men squatted beside a fire, a branding iron heated in its coals. Fifteen or so cows milled restlessly close by. The cat in me recognized how easy this prey had been offered up. My claws slid deeper into the gravel underneath, preparing to spring.

I don’t know whether it was one of the men I intended to devour, or one of the cattle. My mind was a red haze of blood lust. The jaguar screamed a warning to those below and knocked me on my side. I rolled and fell.

I was on the floor of my shack, wrapped in my blanket…still me, Misery Hess. I rubbed my hands across my arms just to make sure that there was no fur there. It had been so real I felt like I needed to get up fast before I fell back into the dream.


  1. I'm bettin' it wasn't!
    Loved your description of being a big cat...


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