Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cat Nip Post XXII

The bite shocked me, flooding my body with erotic heat. Mate…I heard him as clearly as if he had spoken. He poured waves of love over me and I shuddered under the unfamiliar sensation.

Ironically, that was what brought sense back. My name is Misery Hess and I am a healer. I repeated my one line as if it was a talisman against magic, and maybe it was.

Disgusted, he gripped me by the nape of the neck and dragged me up, shaking me violently as though he needed to get my attention. The force of the motion, cleared the remaining confusion from my brain and my cat glared stubbornly at him.

My name is Misery Hess and I'm a... Before I could finish my incantation, he released his hold on me, roaring a loud scream in the night. I wondered if the rustlers below heard it as I did. Mate.
I walked down the hill side, first on four trembling legs, that changed at some point to two. I knew he stalked behind, but I did not turn lest I give into the wild urge to stay and never be Misery Hess again.

I stumbled naked toward Clarence and my buggy. Once there, and seated, I pulled a blanket I kept in the back around me and urged my horse, "Take me home, Old Man. I don't know what just happened, but I need to be away from here."

The beast paced beside the buggy as I drove furiously away. He guarded me, even though it was he, I fled. I did not feel his absence until Clarence was once again in his stall and I was in my bed.


  1. :-o Damn she needs a new dress!

  2. :) You betcha, and Misery Hess will collect!

  3. Where is Big Cat? Now that she's abed?

  4. Misery is one strong lady healer, but big cat sure seems like one to fall for... :)


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