Monday, June 8, 2009

Cat Nip~Part IX

“Ben got off a shot. Says he winged the cat. I thought you might have crossed trails with it while you were out helping Myrtle.”

This was the moment I should have told him about the jaguar I’d healed. But, I didn’t. Instead, I shrugged his question away and answered honestly, “No gunshot wounded cats have sought my aid today or yesterday. I’ll be sure and let you know if one does.”

The sheriff took another slow moment to look around inspecting my habitat closely. “Kind of isolated out here aren’t you?”

I could hear the change in his voice. It occurred to me that Sheriff Olag Bannister was getting ready to make an improper advance—one I had no interest in receiving. His usual bland expression had darkened and his eyes seemed feral as he looked at me with hunger.

“I’m busy today, sheriff. I’ve no time to chat with you about animals that are likely dead and gone by now.” I stepped toward the door, intent on getting him out of my space. The hair on the back of my neck lifted and I smelled danger in the air.

He reached for me, but I avoided his grasp and stepped outside, walking quickly to where he’d left his horse. I stood there expectantly waiting for him to follow. When he stepped into the afternoon sun, I wondered what had spooked me so much. It was just the sheriff doing his duty, talking to all citizens about a wild animal attack.


  1. Smart lady, going outside instead of in.

  2. Hum, sheriff will want to be careful I time he tries something like that, she just might take an arm off! hehe


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