Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marriage Record of Eclipse Citzens

Eclipse Hearts Series:

Intimate Strangers-1874-1878~ Boston debutante, Lucille McKenna marries Texas rancher, Ambrose Quince and only when they lose each other do they learn how great is their love.

Breed True-1882~Julie Fulton Rossiter, gambler's shill and devoted mother of twin daughters, marries Grady Hawkins, half-Kiowa rancher in a devil's bargain.

Whisper My Love-1884~Dr. Elizabeth Grace Souter, survivor of brutal Indian captivity, finds an unexpected love when she marries half-Kiowa, Dan Two-Horse, to protect her half-Indian son.

The Bounty Hunter Series:

Book One: Wolf's Tender- 1881~ Kiowa half-breed, Charlie Wolf McCallister falls in love with spinster school teacher, Naomi Parker when she trades her innocence to save her kidnapped students.

Book Two: Snake McCallister-1883~Dare-devil, Sam McCallister marries timid Ohio farm-girl, Eleanor O'Dell to get a bounty hunting partner he won't lose. Ellie ups the ante, betting her heart in their game of winner take all.

Book Three: Hellcat-1885~Former preacher,Robert Deacon McCallister meets his match when female bounty hunter, Miracle Beaumont, pockets his heart while stealing his prisoners as well.

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