Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flicker installment

2. Narrative

I hear the word ‘will’ a lot. Everyone has a will they are promoting.
“It’s the Lords will…” that’s the minister who descended as soon as he heard I was in a coma.
I don’t much like his god if He willed me sick. He, the minister not his god, suggests that a Recreation Center annexed to the church would be a nice commemorative gesture.
Reverend Peterson inserts this suggestion into his conversations with my family every chance he gets, as he promotes the idea that there was a master plan for me to be thrown from my horse and die.
I don’t like the minister and I really hope there is a hell so he can go there.


  1. Unless you're planning to show someone else's point of view (like the hero), I would stick to first. This sounds great!

  2. I agree. I still prefer the first person POV here. It flows well and sucks me in.


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