Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Final edits in...

I'm so excited. My final edits were approved today and Intimate Strangers is on the conveyor belt prepping to publish. I'm going to start posting some short excerpts...a few breadcrumbs to lead you to my debut.
I'm expecting the new cover any day. The bookcover displayed on my web page and here on the blog was put together by a friend of mine. I tip my invisible hat to Tim for his efforts but the LSB cover will replace it when it's finished.


  1. That's so exciting! I am just about to send my edits back to me editor. Can't wait to see your new cover. ;)

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  3. Sorry Gem, having problems with your comment thingy here not letting me post and then posting too many times!

  4. I like the web page, and the excerpts. Exciting to think it will be published soon! Enjoy it all.


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