Friday, April 3, 2009

And the first reviews are in~

Paranormal author Trina M. Lee~ Once Bitten says of Intimate Strangers ~

It was sooo good I don't know where to start. You really write as if you lived in that era. So authentic and smooth. And the children were so real to me... I really grew to love them, especially Brody...please tell me you plan to take us back to Eclipse some time in the future?

Paranormal author Hailey Edwards~ Born of Fire and From the Ashes has this to say~

Every word on every page kept you locked in that time period and in that place... I like Gem's style. Her portrayal of these characters and their situation is so realistic that I was able to enjoy myself even without wings, fangs, or fur...


  1. I luv it! Even without wings, fangs, or fur. I am so looking forward to reading your Intimate Strangers!!!

  2. I too felt very at home in the absence of fangs and fur. I grew up in the country, flying through fields bareback on Arabian horses when I was barely a teen. Your book made me really miss those 4 legged beauties, a lot.


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