Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comments Please~

I think the worst part about the compulsion of writing is a silent reception. I'd rather have an honest, "wow, i couldn't get past the third chapter, you lost me"...than dead silence. Especially, if there's some suggestion of what happened in the third chapter that threw up a road block.

Feedback is food for thought, literally.


  1. Agreed! I would rather have critical feedback than none at all.

  2. I always appreciate honesty over silence, as long as it's not done in a cruel manner.

  3. Well, it's obvious that I'm not in the most popular of genre. Nevertheless,i want to write the best western possible (for me at least). Feedback helps.

  4. I agree with Savanna on the cruel aspect. Giving constructive criticism should be done with tact. On the flipside from you Gem, in a popular genre I feel really pressured to keep my stuff as original as possible, making the whole vampire thing my own since so many are playing in this genre. It's nice to receive honest opinions and pointers.

  5. I'm not concerned with plagarizing stories. I have read too many books to worry about whether one of my ideas might have also occured to someone else.

    I'm concerned with issues like pacing, information dumps, POV, continuity, and consistency. And maybe, that spark of something called life, vigor, as opposed to BORIMG. A story can be technically perfect and be so boring it puts me to sleep. On the other hand, I've read books that were so interesting, I forgave them technical problems.


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