Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Harvey Collins gets run out of the county~

The Lancaster's were so old they'd started to look like each other, except Ma Lancaster didn't chew and spit, so her face was devoid of tobacco juice. They had a house, not much bigger than my shack, but it was kept up, and clean.

Pa Lancaster shook his head when I came bustin' to their door that night. I didn't know till later that he'd gotten up the next day, and he and the sheriff had run Harvey out of the county.

I stayed with the Lancasters first because they made me welcome. I stayed longer because they made me feel safe. Finally, I was just family and they needed me. But I didn't quit worryin' about Comfort all the way gone in Texas. I figured on finding her some day.

I continued to read Godey's of an evening, giving the Lancasters great hopes for my future as a lady.


  1. That book is brainwash material, I swear lol. I find her reliance on it to be interesting though, especially in adulthood.

  2. Naomi has a good heart, doesn't she?

    Luv that pic... so gorgeous and evocative.


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