Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life with the Lancasters

Well, living with the Lancasters turned out to be all right. They were already old when I moved in with them. But, like Comfort had predicted, they grabbed onto me like a hen with one chick, and did some spoiling I allowed.

Mrs. Lancaster~she wanted me to call her Ma~ and so I did. It made her happy and I couldn't remember my own, so it seemed like a good deal for both of us. Pa Lancaster wasn't so easy to get used to.

I started my list of WANT-NOTS the first day under the Lancaster roof.
Things that I want not in a man:
1. Must not chew tobacco. (Mr. Lancaster spit frequently, and due to weak projection usually dribbled brown goo on his chin. I stared at it a lot.

Ma Lancaster couldn't read, but she looked at the pictures reverently in my Godey's Lady's Book and would sit of an evening as I read to her from it.

"A lady is to move slowly and gracefully and never swing her arms when she walks."

I created a monster. Mrs. Lancaster took my comfortable pants from me and sewed up some dresses instead. She was determined to mold me into a Godey's Lady.


  1. Yay, a good place... boo, no pants!

  2. LOL...oops, Naomi ought to have skipped the pants part. Yay, the Lancaster's made her a part of their family!

  3. That book reminds me of "The Rules" book that came out for women 10 or 20 years ago. Do you guys remember that wack book?


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