Monday, May 4, 2009

It didn't work out me living alone~

Girl escaping

I told myself I was glad that Comfort was gone and I didn't have to listen to her preaching about deportment, cleanliness, and proper speech. The first week, I lived the life of a gypsy, out all day, fishing, and in at dark, bedding down in my own place.

By the second week, I was pretty tired of fish, and thinking about doing some hunting when my life took yet another turn.

Harvey Collins, the lecherous owner of a junk wagon that he called his Travelling Wagon of Interesting Items, passed me at the creek where I fished, and then doubled back to check on me again.

I knew better than to get complacent, and barricaded my door that night. According to gossip, Harvey had a reputation for pestering girls or worse. When I had asked Comfort what or worse meant, she'd rolled her eyes and said, "when you're older you'll understand."

I was reminded of that when he burst through my barricade that night, worse on his mind.

I clipped him with the clay pitcher I kept by the bed and ran all the way to the Lancasters.

It wasn't that hard to introduce myself to them after all.


  1. "I clipped him with the clay pitcher" ~ that's my girl!

  2. Geez Gem, I know it's fiction but as a mom, these posts by Naomi as a kid have my guts churning. I love her already like she were my own. Tough little thing. :)

  3. Damn straight. Naomi is evolving. As I work my way up from her childhood, I get a better fix on her adult actions.

    I love first person narrative and wish really, that I could switch back and forth between first and third.

    Tracey won't let me :(

  4. Darn, about no being able to switch back and forth... however, once you're more established as an author, you'll be able to do that, if you decide it's right for the story.


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