Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cat Nip Post XXIX

And then Thomas was out of my arms and arching through the air, body twisting and changing shapes, even as I watched. I gasped in the wonder of it, almost missing the event that had precipitated his change.

Olaf Bannister, shimmered in the light filtering through the door, his image wavering for a moment, before he too, launched himself and instead of cat and man, two full grown jaguars met in the air and toppled to the floor.

Whatever the outcome, the beasts needed space and so I stepped around and out, followed by the writhing mass of male cats that screamed and rolled, biting and tearing at each other.

I could see now, what had happened to Thomas on that night when I found him half-dead on the trail. The sheriff’s clothes were strewn on the floor of my cabin, gun belt and gun as well.

I hesitated. I am a healer. I may be many other things, and discovering new every day. But I am a healer. I knew I wouldn’t be able to kill the shape-shifting sheriff if he was the winner of their combat.

I held the gun in my hand and watched as the two struggled. The cats were of the same size, but Bannister was black as a panther. For a moment, the black cat pinned Thomas to the ground, as he tried to rip his throat out.

I changed my mind. I lifted the gun and aimed it.


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