Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cat Nip Post XXVI

The food was delicious. I amazed myself with the quantity of beef and vegetables that I ate. I kept my questions to myself until the chocolate cake was cut and served.

If he up and left after hearing my words, I wanted to make sure that I’d tasted that dessert. I’d heard tell of chocolate, but I’d never sampled it.

He seemed mighty interested in my reaction when I put that first bite into my mouth. What can I say? The flavor fairly exploded on my tongue, sending a riot of exquisite pleasure through my entire body.
I ate that entire piece and he cut me another, putting it on my plate before picking up his own eating utensils. I know I had a goofy grin on my face when I licked the tines of the fork, savoring every drop of the chocolate.

“I brought you another dress,” he nodded toward the brown package I’d set aside. Two things occurred to me then. I was sitting at the table in my nightgown and robe, and I’d had more gifts in the last two days than in the sum of the rest of my life.

All things considered, I was inclined to look with favor at Mister? “Ahem,” I cleared my voice, “What is it I’m to call you? I can’t name you Mr. Cat.”

“Call me Thomas,” he chuckled. It was a rusty noise echoing the laugh he’d made earlier, as though he intentionally practiced the sound.

I clutched my new dress modestly to my bosom, and nodded my thanks.

“Now, tell me,” I instructed him. I did not ask a direct question because there were too many things unknown.

I did not want to limit any information Thomas might offer by framing a specific question. His eyes continued their amber glow, intensifying as he looked at me. His purring grew louder, and it seemed to me that the temperature in my small cabin grew warmer.


  1. "sending a riot of exquisite pleasure through my entire body"

    Thomas Mr. Cat might be doing lots of that, even without chocolate.

  2. Oh my, Thomas is proving to be just the cat for Misery, no backing down from this one! Great post!


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