Friday, June 26, 2009

Cat Nip Post XXVII

I tried to break away from the glance that held mine. Instead, the combination of his heated amber eyes and that mesmerizing purr had me leaning toward his seduction.

I could see in his eyes, the jaguar intended to mate with me. I was startled when I saw both beast and man as each pursued and captured its prey—me—in both my forms.

“No.” The word resounded loudly in the room, although I had only managed a whisper. “I don’t even know your whole name.”

He blinked and straightened on his chair, pulling his face back before his lips brushed mine. “Hunter,” he said, “Thomas Hunter.”

I blinked at his next words. “I’ve traveled a long way to find you. I’ll not leave alone.”

He declared his intentions gruffly, leaving me to mull over his words. “For now,” he agreed, “I will accept your no. But soon, Misery Hess, you’ll walk the night with me.”

His rumbled words promised a future destiny that I would have to consider. Not one to let man or cat, have the last word, I had to respond, “We’ll see.”

Just like that I was plucked out of my chair and found myself cradled on his lap. “For now, I will let you show your independence.”

He growled the words mocking my declaration. Then he dipped his head lower and nuzzled the mark on my neck murmuring his words against my flesh.

“But soon…” he nipped his way up my throat, across my stubborn chin, to claim my lips. “Soon,” he breathed his warning—his promise against my mouth, nibbling until I opened for him.

I realized then that I would have to be very clever to escape the wiles of Mr. Cat.


  1. Does she really want to escape?
    Mmmm... sexy Mr. Hunter... maoowwww...

  2. Whoa...who wants to escape! Thomas "Mr. Cat" Hunter is yummy.... hehe


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