Monday, June 1, 2009

Cat Nip~Part II

I was unfamiliar with the kind of cat that lay near death, on its side beside the path. The ligaments in its left front leg were ripped so that it wasn’t going anywhere and its belly had been sliced open. It lay with some of its entrails pulled to the outside.

The cat's breath heaved in and out so that I could see its life force floating away, along with the blood that seeped into the sandy ground. If it hadn’t been for the sound that I’d heard, I’d have never seen it lying there, so shadowed was it.

I wondered at that, because when I knelt by the beast, although silent, its feral golden eyes watched me.

“You’ve definitely hurt yourself this time, Mister,” I crooned to him. He raised his head ready to tear into me if I touched him.

Well, I was used to that, too. Plenty of my success stories have caused me a mite of pain. Anyway, fool that I was, I squatted beside the creature and laid my hands on him, after first tucking his intestines back into his belly.

When I say that, I know it sounds pretentious, but that’s what I do—I lay hands on things and they get better. I’m a healer—a witch some call me. I prefer to think that I’m a creature of God imbued with the power to make things improved.


  1. A feline shifter and a witch in the old west ~clapping~ I love it!! Great post!

  2. I LOVE big cats!! Save him!!


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