Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cat Nip~ Part III (Switching POV)

Misery, looked at the big cat and felt the first shudder of surprise or pain—she wasnt'sure which because talking to the recipients of her gift wasn't part of her talent.

"I just help you get well, Mister Cat, the rest is up to you." He lay quiet under her hands. She couldn’t help noticing how soft the animal’s fur was as she drew out the malignant force of its wounds and the accompanying infection that had already set in.

The healer worked there a long time, not willing to give up on the cat. He was magnificent, even torn up as he was. As she ran her hands over the silken coat of gold, decorated by black spots, Misery estimated that he’d weigh at least 300 pounds. Cougars were common in the Texas territory, but she’d never seen this species before even though she’d heard tell of the animal—jaguar.

She was already tired from delivering Myrtle’s baby and keeping her from bleeding to death, so she wasn’t as careful as she should have been. Once the wounds had closed, and the foreleg had straightened, the cat rolled over and came to its feet, standing huge in the night, looking at her out of amber eyes that glowed in the dark.


  1. Wow. How can I choose? At this point she's the only one with a voice anyway, so I'll reserve judgement.

    I was a bit surprised that the healer was a woman, for some reason in parts 1 and 2 I pictured a man.

  2. No, Misery is a woman, although that part of her that is female, is definitely undernourished. That's interesting about the male/female tone switch that you're hearing .Hmmmm. Thanks for the comment, Alanna.


  3. geez, I'm going to be so unhelpful here, but so far I like it both ways! I like the wide lens of the third person, but you really get to know Misery in first person. I can't wait for more!!

  4. One of my first attempts (and failures) was a story that switched back and forth between the two, I consider it the best of both worlds...however, it was nixed, I rewrote all in third POV and so Intimate Strangers was published. But...I started Lucy as a narrative, which ultimately, helped me figure out who she was. Thanks for the comment Serena.

  5. Gem, I like your third person account. Very well done. But I think, at this point, I like Misery in first POV.
    However, the story is great either way.

  6. Thank you Savanna. I don't know...I'll try a few posts both ways. And like Alanna said, accept for Misery, there is no other person's head to get into *yet*.


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