Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cat Nip~Part IV

The force of his movement knocked Misery on her fanny in the middle of the dust, and she could do no more than lean on her arms, waiting to be eaten.

She wouldn’t have shot him, even if she had owned or carried a gun, because she didn't kill things.She was a healer, she couldn't.

He was quite beautiful standing there sniffing the air, like he was trying to figure out who or what she was.

“Good luck to that, Mister Cat,” Misery laughed up at him as he lorded himself above her. “I’ve had twelve years since my stepdad tried to beat the devil out of me, to ponder just that question.”

He stalked over to where she lay vulnerable and ready, like a tasty dish prepared just for him. Misery knew it was male—cat or man there was no mistaking the need to dominate that God’s He-Creatures radiated.

She didn’t even put up a fuss when the jaguar butted her with his head. She sprawled back, staring up at the feline, fascinated instead of frightened.

Evidently he wasn’t going to kill her, at least not right away. She was surprised though, when he sniffed her again and then began to purr.


  1. Sniffing and purring! Those shifters do that ooh so well!! I'm definitely digging the third POV!

  2. Well, if we are to ever know what Mr. Cat is thinking, I have to go 3POV don't I?

  3. LOL...yep, this is true. And we definitely need to know what Mr. Cat is thinking!!

  4. We do need to know what Mr. Cat is thinking... psychic link between them eventually?

    Gem... the purring Big Cat is meowooooo-yum!

  5. Savanna and Serena. Psychic link...hungry male cat tracking his lost soul mate? Hmmmm...I feel another installment coming on.


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