Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whispering Grace

I love that title.  This story I'm working on right now is painful to write.  I know Grace Souter so well, and I struggle with her as she tries to make a life for herself and her son, William. For those of you who read Wolf's Tender, you've already met Grace.  She was the fifth hostage, the woman being assaulted by her Indian guard when the McCallister men rescued the women prisoners.

Lozen (my tenacious muse) demanded that I write Grace's story. What happened next? She walked away from the McCallisters and said, "Tell my family I died in an Indian encampment in 1881.  Tell them that Elizabeth Grace Souter is dead."

She intended to die.  But then that pesky what if thought kept nagging me. What if Grace survived? How? She's in the middle of wilderness and it's late summer.  Where would she live?  What would she eat? Why would she bother at all, traumatized as she was?

Grace is such a strong woman it's been interesting learning about her.  I feel like she's an old friend now. I'll let her tell you a little about herself.


Father is anxious again. His colleagues have mounted a full scale campaign to convince him I can't join his practice. I fear he will capitulate to their entreaties.  He is a proud man and sees scandal if I take my place in his clinic.  

He would rather that I marry and take a wife's role as society matron.  I'm surprised.  Father was my ally. He was so proud of me when I studied his books as a child.

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