Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bald Faced Liar Award

Ahem, I don't know why author Chloe Waits would send me a Bald Faced Liar Award... (of course she got one too!) unless she found out that five out of the seven next statements are bald-faced lies! See if you know which ones are true.

1. I take no prisoners on the golf course and am master of the back swing.

2. My horse-sense comes from growing up on a ranch.

3. I've visited Paris twice and got lost in the Louvre` once.

4. In Scotland I learned what is really worn under the kilt.

5. I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

6. 5-Card Stud is my favorite poker game which is why I feature it in my latest book in the Bounty Hunters: Book Two.

7. I am sweet tempered and gracious at all times. 

I now hereby pass on the Liar’s Torch to these writers ( in no particular order!). Keep the liar's game going. Visit their sites and see if you can guess which of their statements are little white lies:

6. Hailey Edwards

Please comment and let me know which you think are true!   


  1. I'm going to go with #6 and #7 as the correct answers.

    Even if I'm not right, I should get brownie points.

  2. Hey Gem,
    thanks for playing. I knew your great writing skills, so I figured you'd have fun with it and I am stumped. Um, I am going to say: three and six! Am I right?
    geez ...hard ones! lol

  3. I'll leave you all wondering a day or two longer. :)


  4. It's not true!! Number 5 and 7. Nope never been to Ireland, and well, anyone who knows me can attest that #7 "just ain't so..."

    Thanks for playing.



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